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New Horizons Outdoors Repair Services

At New Horizons, we take pride in our service.  We 
offer a full staff of qualified technicians to assist you 
in all your repair needs and wiring needs.

We also specialize in custom built utility trailers, 
hitch haulers, and ladder racks.

We carry and install a wide range of hitches from 
Class 1-5 for cars and trucks as well as 5th wheel 
hitches and gooseneck hitches.

In addition, we offer a wide range of
tow vehicle services to meet your
needs:  From tow bars, baseplates,
vehicle wiring, lube pumps,
supplemental brake systems,
driveshaft disconnect and more!


Truck Camper Setup

We offer complete truck set-up packages for truck 
campers such as tie down systems, air lift kits, 
timbren kits, and wiring.


Trailer Service

We offer full service to all utility trailers, equipment 
haulers, car haulers, tow dollys, boat trailers, or any 
trailer under 12 tons.


Why choose New Horizons Outdoors

With over 31 years of experience, a dedicated staff of sales and service professionals will be there to assist you with all of your outdoor needs.  Browse our large selection today!

Call us for more information!